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Fire safety starts with preparedness and prevention. When it comes to these two factors, you can count on our seasoned professionals to assist you. [ View More Services ]

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Portable Fire Extinguisher

Choose from our wide array of portable fire extinguishers.

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Smoke Detectors

Get state-of-art smoke detectors at cost-effective prices.

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Kitchen Hoods and Exhaust

Our team can clean your kitchen hoods and exhaust.

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Fire Suppression

Have fire suppression systems for your flammable equipment.

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Exit Lights

Install exit lights for your commercial building’s fire exits.

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Know more about our fire safety equipment and how we can help you.

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Welcome to Caution Fire Prevention, LLC

We strongly believe that maintaining high fire safety standards is the key to success for everyone. Fire safety is one of the most fundamental and important aspects of protecting your home, family, real estate, tenants, business and employees. That is why we provide the highest standard of service and use the best products on the market while our prices remain affordable. Our employees have extensive experience in the fire safety field serving a variety of establishments. All of our products and services strictly correspond to the standards set forth by NFPA, FDNY, OSHA, The Joint Commission, and other related regulatory bodies.

We specialize in the sales of fire safety equipment and also provide commercial cleaning for your kitchen hood and exhaust system. You can call us today to get a free quote.

We are fully insured and certified by the Fire Department of the City of New York.

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Our Commitment to Serving YouMission Statement

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you are protected from various fire hazards associated with your home, real estate, and line of business while keeping prices cost-effective. We promise to deliver the highest standard of service with a family-like experience when it comes to our customer service, from the time you contact us to the completion of our job. The fire safety specialists on our team are dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest products and rules and regulations associated with your needs.

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